The proprietary software EQUIPMENTsuite installed on all RPS AEROSPACE ground stations is an equipment management tool to monitor and command all sensors possessed by an user.
For each type of equipment there is a specific tool that manages its acquired data, that the technician can view and elaborate in real time or during post-processing.
EQUIPMENTsuite integrates a phonetic and visual communication system between the aircrew and the technicians and allows the acquired data streaming on remote devices.

EQUIPMENTsuite in detail


EQUIPMENTsuite is equipped with different tools dedicated to the elaboration of data acquired by several sensors (HDseries, IRT series, RDseries…).
The working environment allows the clear view of images or detected data and allows to operate on them both in post-processing and in real time, without interrupting the mission whilst continuously receiving the background information.


A section of each sensor-tool is dedicated to the avionics visualization of the UAV on which the sensor is installed and is operating. When using equipment, the technicians can view the UAV’s position, movements and conditions, and the image from the pilot camera to run the mission at best.


Different equipment parameters are continuously monitored: from their performances to hours and cycle of use. Even if the sensors of the aircraft do not affect its reliability, their perfect operability is fundamental. EQUIPMENTsuite traces all fundamental parameters and creates statistics regarding the utilisation and the performance of all equipment in use.


EQUIPMENTsuite perfectly integrates with all equipment in dynamic post-processing. Useful shortcuts are assigned to various physical inputs when it is necessary to modify/correct the data visualisation in real time.