An RPS AEROSPACE aircraft is the result of a long process of high efficiency cooperation between company’s departments. The following sections allow you to enter the world of RPS AEROSPACE, discovering one by one the steps that our aircraft passes through from design to production, from raw material selection to flight testing, from costumers delivery to the training.


According with the global coordination philosophy, the design process is integrated with R&D and prototyping.
We believe that the constant quality control and the traceability, not only for the production process but also for design, are the key to ensure the maximum reliability of our aircrafts..


Since 2016 RPS AEROSPACE has introduced a new approach to the production, combining design process to manufacturing. Of each component are modeled not only the loads in operation, but also during manufacturing process or handling, helping to generate a “time-zero fatigue map” which considers the cycles already suffered from the component before installation.


The assembly off all the subsystem that compose the multirotor is operated according to rigorous standardized processes. To make sure that our engineers’ effort and care for details become an excellent product, we need to make the production a fine work.
A single team of engineers follows the whole assembly cycle of the aircraft, with the goal of producing the most secure and high-performance unmanned system.


Our priority is to protect the safety of air and ground crew during flight testing operations. All tests are carefully planned considering possible failures and malfunctions, plotting event-trees to investigate any escalation factor not immediately identifiable. All experimental flights take place in total safety at our testing area surrounded by over 4500 hectares of forest.
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In January 2017 we launched our TID, a specific department that deals with test and stress every single system with the aim of successfully close the design and manufacturing processes. Here our engineers plan every test on components according to MIL and JSSG standards, modeling and testing the systems that will be used later during stress-tests.

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La consegna dei velivoli avviene secondo specifica del cliente, in qualunque parte del Mondo. The aircraft delivery is carried out according to customer specifications, worldwide. Each aircraft leaves RPS AEROSPACE with a training program addressed to both future pilots and technical maintenance staff. Our engineers and technicians will guide future maintainers with theoretical and practical lessons and they will release them the final qualification (1702/2003 EASA - Part 145).

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The navigability office represents the interface between the Authority (ENAC, EASA, FAA) and RPS AEROSPACE. It supervises the safe use of our fleet and coordinates the Publications Office and the Project Department to keep up to date operation and maintenance manuals. The Airworthiness Office also deals with accidents, evaluating the causes and oversee the operations procedures.


The Publications Office writes operational and maintenance manuals concerning aircraft and coordinates the preparation of technical reports and their archiving, together with all documentation about compliance and testing.

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