Social responsibility

RPS AEROSPACE is not only focused on developing the most advanced unmanned civil aircraft, but wants to bring, with its own technology, a contribution as much as possible in line with the macro-areas defined by the United Nations with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are an explicit invitation to use technology to innovate, making future’s challenges easily solved, from climate change to natural disasters, from energy efficiency improvement to ethical business approach.


RPS AEROSPACE is trying to obtain ISO product and process certifications, to ensure to its customers an even higher quality standard. Each aircraft is accompanied by an assembly tab that follows the RPAS along all its entire life cycle, being accessible through the GCS. The ARM&IDA operating protocol is based on the traceability of all the over 2500 components of an RPS AEROSPACE’s RPAS.


RPS AEROSPACE in engaged in Horizon 2020 space program call with the aim to make their own contribution concerning aid, population protection and resilience increasing of the Civil support for people affected by disasters.


The average age in our company is under of 30 yo. We invest in young resources because we believe in their technical ability, in their competitiveness and in the strength of developing innovative solutions focused on an emerging market. We promote the development of modern and dynamic work teams alongside a governance which is the result of the interaction between classic entrepreneurial approach and a new concept of dynamic reallocation of resources.