04th May 2020

The “CMC” ground rover, developed for industrial and safety applications, has been adapted to become a mobile laboratory for the early diagnosis of Covid-19.

Rapid and simultaneous body temperature and blood saturation meters, document scanners and video cameras with Visual Artificial Intelligence for the te detection of the correct use of PPE and real-time communications tools has been installed on board.

CMC-CovidLab is part of the wider BePI platform developed to manage Phase II of the emergency. Discovery drones observe large areas from above and quickly identify particular crowds of people where to send CMC rover to detect health parameters.

The data collected by all operative drones and rovers are trasmitted via satellite to a cloud-based central server in order to generate a mapping of population flows and their health status to allowing the isolation of suspected Covid-positives in a very early stage and the analysis of the possible growth of new outbreaks.

The project is awaiting founding from the European Space Agency which will support the dissemination of free demos in Italy to test the technology..