Activities are slowly resuming after the Covid-19 emergency. With the upcoming summer RPS AEROSPACE is now offering drones and ground robots to support a safe restart with the BePI service.
BePI is a complete and flexible health and security service which allows the early surveying of new possible Covid-19 outbreaks and helps to manage the respect of the preventive safety measures.
DISCOVERY drones perform an aerial mapping of the people flows detecting any gatherings or incorrect behavior while the CMC ground robots check the health status of people using advanced measurement sensors of parameters such as body temperature and blood saturation.
Robotic technologies are able to collect a large amount of images and measurements remotely and autonomously and transmit them in real time to the control room provided for the decision point (e.g. a Police Station, a COVID-19 task force office in big companies etc) by using mobile communication (LTE) with satellite communication backup. The service is managed by Mondialpol Vedetta2 SpA through its mobile control room which serves as an operational base for piloting drones and rovers and as a mobile shelter for the JP-POINT.

The BePI service is the result of a project funded in 2020 by the European Epace Agency to offer support in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and similar through the use of satellite products.

Sub-developers of the project: Mondialpol Vedetta2, Volta Robots, GP Advanced Project.
Partner of the project: ENAC

In the figure below a summary diagram of the BePI infrastructure based on the RPS AEROSPACE robotic systems.

The BePI service is now available throughout Italy and, upon request, in Europe.